Fees & Services

All personal trainers have the same base rates. Specialty training programs are subject to a different price structure. 

*Field House/ Fitness Membership is NOT REQUIRED to participate in personal training programs. 

*All personal training packages expire 30-days from purchase unless otherwise authorized by your assigned personal trainer

*We offer one free 30-minute personal training demo for new community center members.

*Ask about our NEW weight loss and wellness programs!

Call or text our head of personal training services Ty Richardson at 216-694-8414 for a quick phone consultation today!

Personal Training Fees & Packages

30-Minute INDIVIDUAL Packages
TypeMonthly SessionsDurationCost
PT1X30430 Minutes$60
PT2X30830 Minutes$120
PT3X301230 Minutes$180
PT4X301630 Minutes$240
PT5X302030 Minutes$300
60-Minute INDIVIDUAL Packages
TypeMonthly SessionsDurationCost
PT1X60460 Minutes$100
PT2X60860 Minutes$200
PT3X601260 Minutes$300
PT4X601660 Minutes$400
PT5X602060 Minutes$500
30-Minute COUPLE Packages
TypeMonthly SessionsDurationCost
PT1X30430 Minutes$100
PT2X30830 Minutes$200
PT3X301230 Minutes$300
PT4X301630 Minutes$400
PT5X302030 Minutes$500
60-Minute COUPLE Packages
TypeMonthly SessionsDurationCost
PT1X60460 Minutes$180
PT2X60860 Minutes$360
PT3X601260 Minutes$540
PT4X601660 Minutes$720
PT5X602060 Minutes$900