Indoor Facility Use Rules

  1. All persons must submit an Indoor Facility Request Form no less than fourteen (14) days in advance of rental (at the Community Center Front desk or North Rink desk) and payment of deposits and ½ the rental fee must be made at the time the request is submitted.   Schools who rent the North Rink will be billed.  Final payment in full, is due no later than 48 hours before the start of the event. (credit card preferred). Failure to make the final payment before the start of the event will lead to cancellation.

  2. The City of Cleveland Heights Parks & Recreation will grant a refund for facility reservations that are cancelled seven (7) days before the reservation date.  

  3. A certificate of Insurance and/or off-duty police officers may be required for some events (cost to be covered by the renter).

  4. Renter may not have access to the room before the reservation start time and must vacate the space completely by the reservation end time.

  5. Approval is needed in advance to store materials at the facility before the reservation date

  6. Decorations may be applied only during the scheduled rental time.  Use of tape, adhesive products, staples or tacks on doors, walls, windows or ceilings is prohibited.  No decorations will be permitted on the walls or windows and the current decorations shall not be removed.  
  7. Posted room capacities may not be exceeded.

  8. All trash must be placed in trash containers or removed before vacating the premises.

  9. Room rentals does not entitle participants to free use of other areas in the facility.

  10. The cost of replacement or repair of any damage to equipment, furnishings or the facility shall be the responsibility of the Contracting Party and the Contracting Organization if any, jointly and severally. Renter agrees to pay for all damages to property, trash pick-up and for any other charges that may be incurred as a direct result of their use.

  11. Participants must adhere to all posted rules and regulations of the Facility.  Any of the following shall be grounds for immediate termination of a scheduled event and ejection of the group from the premises: consumption or dispensing of alcoholic beverages; gambling in any form (i.e., card games, bingo for money); loud music; fighting; inappropriate language or behavior or other disorderly conduct; the carrying of weapons; or any act which is in violation of City Ordinances or State Law. Cleveland Heights Parks & Rec reserves the right to stop/prohibit use at any time if any of the above rules are violated.  Violation of the terms of this agreement, in addition to any loss of security deposit or other monetary damages, will result in loss of future rental privileges and could also result in loss of use privileges for other Cleveland Heights Parks and Recreation Facilities and/or programs.

  12. Room Rental Rules:
    1. Availability of rental space is subject to other events and programing and is subject to change or cancellation.
    2. All rentals must be booked and paid for at least fourteen (14) days in advance.
    3. The individual who signs the contract must be present during the entire event.
    4. A resident signing on behalf of a non-resident agency will be charged the non-resident rate.
    5. Room set up plan must be received at least ten (10) days prior to event.
    6. Set up, take down and clean up time is included in the rental time period.  Early setups are not permitted.
    7. A minimum of one-half rental fee and security deposit (if required) is due upon contract signing.  Balance of rental fee is due 48 hours before the day of event.  If balance not received before the rental date start time, management reserves right to cancel your rental without return of fees.
    8. Management may require Security (Cleveland Heights Police) at renter’s expense.
    9. Alcohol and smoking are NOT permitted in or on the premises (including non-alcoholic beer/wine).
    10. Live animals are NOT permitted in or on the premises. 
    11. Music is NOT permitted in the Atriums.  Loud or offensive music (to be determined by management) is NOT permitted at any time in any room.
    12. All parties shall vacate the building upon conclusion of their predetermined rental time period.  Failure to vacate the building promptly as required will result in the Contracting Party being removed by the Cleveland Heights Police Department and the loss of future rental privileges.
  13. The City shall not be responsible for theft or injury to person or property, whether caused by the Contracting Party, a guest at any event, a third party, or any act or omission of the City or any agent or employee thereof.  In consideration of the City of Cleveland Heights providing Rental Space as specified in this Agreement, the Contracting Party for himself/herself, the contracting organization (if applicable) and all person(s) using the Community Center does hereby release, hold harmless and indemnify the City of Cleveland Heights and all of its officers, agents and employees from and against any and all liability, claims, demands, action and/or causes of action for injury to person or property arising from or in any way related to the use of the Rental Area and other portions of the Community Center herein.