Pavilion Skating Club

The Pavilion Skating Club

The Pavilion Skating Club (PSC) is an organization developed to provide opportunities for skaters to continue building upon the skills learned in the City's "Learn-to-Skate Basic Skills" program. PSC is now able to offer year-round ice, as well as off-ice programming. The club caters to individuals who love skating and wish to continue building on their skill level as well as those who desire to achieve Olympic fame.


Pavilion Skating Club's Mission is to support the growth and development of ice skating in conjunction with the Basic Skills Program. The Club together with the City seeks to provide an excellent training facility that offers the professionals and programs necessary to support and promote the total development of quality skaters.

To this end we have seen our club grow and become a wonderful place for skaters of all levels and ages to train competitively, enter the United Skates Figure Skating test structure, or skate for recreational reasons and just have fun. The Pavilion Skating Club offers ice time 7 days per week. We offer Freestyle ice, Dance Ice, and sometimes combined sessions of freestyle and dance, or moves and dance.

Junior Club Session

We have been happy to tentatively offer a Junior Club Session one day per week which has includes a 15 minute group lesson, taught by a professional skater. This is a nice time for the new and younger skater to meet other young skaters and skate in a friendly & slower environment, it also introduces the new skater to being on the ice when others are working on musical programs, spinning and jumping. Our Junior Club Skaters must have passed Basic 3 in Learn to skate lessons. A $5 membership reduction is given to skaters who join that are also still taking learn to skate lessons. Once a Jr. Club Member has entered the USFS test structure they move up to Regular Member Status and may skate on any of the club sessions (unless they are marked as HIGH Level Sessions). We also offer an on ice clinic for LOW level skaters, and invite the Jr. Club to skate on that session; it is followed by a practice session for low / Jr. skaters.

The Annual Club Exhibition

The Annual Club Exhibition is held on Thanksgiving weekend. Friends, Family, and The Senior Citizens of Cleveland Heights are welcome to come and see what our skater's have learned. Refreshments will be served.

Other Information

All members of the PSC are automatically enrolled in United States Figure Skating the governing body of skating in the USA; and our eligible to enter other club sponsored events. Members and will receive a year's subscription to Skating Magazine. Membership in the PSC is from July 1 - June 30.

The PSC has a bulletin board on the North wall of the rink lobby. Please check for updates, upcoming competitions and other important information.

We do have a list of Professional Skaters that are available for private lessons. Please see the club board for the current list.


To learn more or ask questions about becoming a club member in our Jr. Club, Freestyle, or Dance disciplines, please call 216-691-7349. Please leave your name and number and someone will get back to you as soon as possible or email and your questions will be answered promptly.