Youth Policy Statement

Youth-Appropriate Opportunities

Cleveland Heights and University Heights is committed to providing an environment that supports and encourages youth to reach their fullest potential and to become responsible and contributing members of society. To this end, these cities, the public school system and Library Board will work in partnership with public and private community groups and organizations to offer all youth-appropriate opportunities at their different stages of development, which will enable them to:

  • Engage in productive careers and vocations
  • Exhibit respect for law, order and justice
  • Participate in leisure, cultural and recreational activities
  • Think critically, problem-solve and exercise good judgment
  • Understand and appreciate cultural, social and religious differences
  • Value and respect others and assume responsibility for themselves

We believe that these important ends are reached by providing:

  • Information about and opportunities fro sharing cultural, social and religious diversity
  • Instruction and training in academic and vocational skills
  • Models of value, respect and responsibilities in personal and social relationships
  • Opportunities for leadership, participation and voluntaries in group processes
  • Opportunities to participate and experience success in a variety of recreation and leisure-time activities

Youth Policy Purposes

The Cleveland Heights and University Heights community generally, and those cities, the public schools specifically, and the Library Board accept shared responsibility for utilizing both human and material resources to offer these important opportunities for our youth. A Cleveland Heights/University Heights Youth Policy is being developed for the following purposes:

  • To assess the needs of youth in the cities of Cleveland Heights and University Heights and the current cooperative efforts of the cities and public schools to address these needs
  • To offer direction to the cities and public schools in planning, implementing, coordinating and evaluating services and programs for youth in an effective and efficient manner
  • To recognize and define the roles and responsibilities of the following participants in the development of nurturing the youth in the cities of Cleveland Heights and University Heights
    • The cities
    • Families
    • The Library and community organizations providing services and support to youth
    • Potential and prospective parents
    • Public schools
    • The youth themselves

Involvement & Support

The commitment requires the involvement and support of all elements of the public and private sectors, including:

  • Elected and appointed officials and members of commissions and boards
  • Members of the business community and professional associations
  • Members of the police, courts and legal systems
  • Others who, through private, public or voluntary services, provide for the growth, care, development and well-being of Cleveland Heights and university heights youth
  • Providers of cultural, recreational, health, mental health and human services and activities
  • Religious, community and social leaders and members of organizations and groups
  • Staff in government and in public and private elementary, secondary and post-secondary schools
  • Youth themselves and their parents and family members