Wading Pool Rules

Cumberland Wading Pool Rules

  1. Preschoolers/children UNDER 48" are permitted when accompanied by a parent/adult resident (18 & older).  Adult must remain with the child at all times.
  2. Adult residents wishing to use both the wading and main pools need to present their season pass or pay the daily admission rate.  Swimsuits must be worn when using the pools.
  3. Maximum of three (3) children per adult.
  4. Management reserves the right to prohibit toys at anytime.
  5. Any child not toilet trained must wear a swim diaper or a diaper and plastic pants under a swimsuit.  All children must wear a swimsuit.  T-shirts are permitted.
  6. Please do not change diapers at poolside.  Please use the restrooms.
  7. Food, beverage and smoking are NOT permitted.
  8. Clear plastic bottles are allowed (water only).
  9. Strollers, infant carriers and diaper bags are permitted in designated areas of the wading pool and grassy area only.
  10. No horseplay permitted.
  11. Children may remain in the wading pool during rest periods.
  12. All swimmers must clear the pool immediately if three (3) whistles are blown as this indicates a possible emergency.