Parent/Family Expectations

Heights Tigersharks Parent/Family Expectations

Attitude and Behavior

Parents must be supportive of their swimmers, the coaches, and the team. 

This includes offering positivity and encouragement to all team members and team families, volunteering for meets and team events, and allowing their swimmers to be challenged by the coaches. Adherence to team policies, program standards, and coaches’ instructions is required at all times.


Parents may stay at the pool for practices if the deck capacity limit has not been reached. Please understand there may be times parents will be required to wait outside of the pool enclosure. Parents remaining on-site for practices may not be at either end of the lap lanes or in any place a coach feels could in any way interfere with practice. This is always at the discretion of the coaches.


Disrespectful or disruptive behavior will not be tolerated. If a parent engages in such behavior, their swimmer(s) may be removed from the team, as determined by the coaches. Registration fees will not be refunded if a family is removed from the team. 


If a parent has a question or concern, they are asked to email the coaches or speak with them outside of practice or meet times. Coaches will consider questions and concerns, but will not discuss meet event selection or other challenges made to their coaching decisions. Coaches may be willing to make exceptions to some team polices on a case-by-case basis, but will consider them only if approached appropriately by a swimmer or parent. Policy and coaching decisions are made by the coaches, with the best interests of the team in mind, and are final. 



Being a member of a swim team requires an intense commitment from swimmers, coaches, and especially from parents. The success of the program hinges on the time and energy given by swim families. All families are expected to volunteer at meets and team events throughout the summer season. 


Each family is asked to commit to helping at least two meets (timing, scoring, judging, swimmer management, etc.). Families that do not sign up to volunteer and have not made arrangements with team leadership risk having their swimmer(s) held out of meets or removed from the team.


The 2021 season will be different. It will be challenging. It could be inconsistent and varying. We are doing what we can to have some version of a swim program again. PLEASE BE PATIENT AND UNDERSTANDING, as your frustrations and inconveniences likely are shared by the coaches, too.