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Baby Blades: Specifically designed for skaters ages 18 months to 3 years. This class is structured with off-ice play, an on-ice lesson and craft or story time. This class is a great way to get our little skaters excited about taking the ice.

Snowplow 1 - 4: A program designed for ages 3 to 5 years. This tot beginner program is designed to make the skaters more comfortable and in control when they are on the ice. The Snowplow Program includes 4 levels. Snowplow Sam 1 introduces skills such as marching across the ice (both forward and backward), gliding, and the proper falling and standing techniques. Snowplow Sam 2 introduces skills such as swizzles, slaloms, and stronger forward and backward skating. Snowplow 3 introduces skills such as backward swizzles, forward to backward turns, snowplow stops, one-foot gliding. Snowplow Sam 4 introduces backwards two foot glides, two foot turns and much more.

Basic 1: This program is designed for the beginner skater ages 6 and over. Students learn proper falling and standing skills, forward and backward skating, two-foot glides and beginning stops.

Recreational Skating

Basic 2: This class introduces one-foot glides, backward glides, backward swizzles, two-foot turns and moving snowplow stops.

Basic 3: This class refines the correct use of the skate blade and includes forward stroking, backward one-foot glides, one-foot pumps and an introduction to crossovers.

Basic 4: Skaters learn to use both the outside and inside edges of the blade, forward cross-overs both clockwise and counter-clockwise, proper backward stroking, backward stopping and spins.

Basic 5: This class begins backward cross-overs in both directions, 3-turns, the hockey stop, backward outside and inside edges.

Basic 6: This class includes advanced turns, T-stops, bunny hops, spirals and lunges.

Beginning Figure Skating

Pre-Freeskate: Formerly Basic 7 and 8. These classes are designed as an introduction to figure skating. The class will include a waltz jump, on-foot spin, mazurka and other advanced skills to pursue the sport of figure skating.

Freeskate: For those skaters who want to progress to the advanced levels of figure skating. The Freeskate classes cover all of the basic jumps, spins and footwork to become a competitive figure skater.